Snapshot – Sunset on a windy beach

The long dusty road leading to the beach.

The long dusty road leading to the beach.

Reta is a small village with one tarmac road on the southern coast of Provincia Buenos Aires. It’s sound is rustling leaves, for the wind blows ceaselessly. On the beach it is almost unbearable. The first time we made our way there with nothing more than swimming costumes and towels, ready to sample the apparently warmer waters of the southern coast. The great dunes guarding the entrance to the beach offered ample warning of what was to come but, being unscientific, we failed to relate dunes to high winds, and so descending to the beach was quite a shock. Sand like flying needles thrashed up the beach and cut into our skin. Before we’d made it to the sea we were cowering for protection under our towels.

While the beach is not the best place to hang out during the day, as evening approaches there is no better place to be than huddled together on the slope of the dune, watching the sun sink into the sea. Only a small portion of Argentina’s coastline goes horizontally East to West; the rest is vertical, facing the Atlantic head-on. Reta is on that thin slither, to the East of the bigger Monte Hermoso, and so it is one of the few places in Argentina in which the sun does indeed set beyond the sea.

It's so windy you can't see.

It’s so windy you can’t see.

Sunset on the beach.Reta beach sunset water Reta beach sunset dune Reta beach sunset dog


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