What to bring (Uyuni Salt Flats)

Uyuni Salt Flats Tour – 3 days

Company: Andrea Tours

Cost: 800 Bolivianos per person (not including entrance fees: 200 Bs)


  • Water: they say you should bring about 2L per person, which is about right. I prefer to bring two bottles of 1L each rather than one 2L bottle, since it’s almost impossible to drink from a 2L bottle while moving in a jeep and much of the trip is spent moving in a jeep.
  • Food: on our tour we were well fed. But it’s always nice to have a few snacks like fruit and biscuits. This tour is not physically demanding, so there’s no need to stock up on chocolate or sweets.


  • Warm-weather gear: the second night near Laguna Colorada is very very cold. What’s more, if you want to be able to enjoy watching the stars at night or the sun come up in the morning then you must have at least a big warm jacket.
  • Swimming costume and towel: useful but not essential. On the third day you visit to hot springs after the geyers. A towel is a good idea because it’s cold when you get out.
  • Sun hat: the sun is relentless throughout the 3 days. Given the high altitude and the reflection of the salt you must have some kind of protection. Buy a cheap hat in Uyuni if you didn’t bring one.


  • Sun cream: this is a must. Use a high SPF factor. A friend brought SPF 100+, which seemed about adequate.
  • Head torch: useful but by no means essential. For reading in your room or finding the bathroom on the second night and finding your way out safely beneath the stars or in the early morning to watch the sunrise

Optional Extras:

  • Coca leaves: some people find that chewing coca leaves helps relive the symptoms of altitude sickness. On the second night you sleep at around 4500m so you might be feeling that altitude.
  • Sleeping bag inner liner: I always take this with me, not so much for the cold (I don’t really get that cold) but because I know where it’s been, unlike the sheets that in the scabby hostel on the second night. It is also tiny and doesn’t really weigh anything.
  • Something to take weird-perspective pictures with: You probably will have seen a photo of a dinosaur eating tiny people on the salt flats, or something similar. If you like that kind of thing then don’t forget to bring the thing with you. I’ve seen good pictures with toys, cutlery, shoes, and foods.


November 2012


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