Charlie de RI’m Charlie and I’ve been in South America for almost 3 years. Most of that time I was teaching English in Buenos Aires, but I recently abandoned the city and travelled up through Peru and Ecuador to Medellín, Colombia. This blog came into being thanks to  my friends constantly pestering me about what to do in South America. I would invariably send a long, probably dull, not very informative email. Now I can just send a link!

The site is divided into:

At the moment the blog’s only about a tenth complete (Ecuador and Colombia don’t yet exist!) but I’ll try to keep on uploading things every so often. I also hope to translate everything into Spanish at some point for my friends in Argentina and Colombia who can’t speak English, but I fear that may take years.

Unless otherwise stated, I took all the photos.

I hope you find something useful. Or at least amusing…


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  1. Charlie thanks so much for this blog. I am soon to be traveling to Argentina and then finding my way to Peru for a study abroad program there. The amount of detail you have given on your blog has been so truly helpful. Please keep writing for future travelers! Best wishes from the USA, Chelsie.

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