take the bus to Tupiza

Tip — Unless you really really love trains then take the bus. It goes to Tupiza, which is probably better than Uyuni for doing the Salt Flat tour, and only takes 1.5 hours to get there, as opposed to 4 by train. What’s more, unlike the train the bus arrives at a reasonable hour, and the stretch of road between Villazón and Tupiza is paved, while the train is steaming hot and rattles incessantly. (N.B. I am talking about the Wara Wara train, I have no experience of the more expensive Expreso Sur.)


dollars in mint condition

Tip — In Bolivia they only accept untainted, unripped, unholed dollar notes, especially at the place where you have to buy your visa. So either make sure you have notes in mint condition, or give yourself some time for the run into – yes, into – Bolivia to exchange money and then go back to the border to pay for the visa ($135 US).


Tip — sometimes you can take a taxi-car, shared with other people, to your destination. It will probably cost about three times as much as a bus. Check that it’s a real company and not some thief who wants to take you for a ride (in every sense).